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Camp Policies:

This camp belongs to the Viking Council, Boy Scouts of America.  Therefore, as Scouts and Scouters, it belongs to you.  Please treat it as if it were yours, and preserve it for future generations.

Vehicles - The camp speed limit is 10 mph.  Each passenger must have a seat belt.  No passengers are allowed in the back of trucks, or on trailers, tailgates, running boards, etc.  All vehicles are to remain on the road or in designated parking areas. All gear is to be carried into the site.  ATVís, dirt bikes, and snowmobiles are prohibited.

Fires - Campfires are to be built only in designated rings.  State law requires that campfires not exceed three feet in diameter and three feet in height.  The Camp Ranger may prohibit campfires during extremely dry conditions.

Chemical Fuels - Liquid fuels and propane may only be used under direct adult supervision.  Liquid fuels are not recommended.  Chemical fuels and open flames are prohibited intents.  Chemical fuels may not be used to start fires.

Adult Leadership - Units must have at least two adult leaders in camp at all times.  No youth are allowed to wander about camp without adult supervision.  You are responsible for your Scouts and their actions!

Conservation - Please conserve our natural resources.  No digging, trenching, or raking is allowed.  Standing brush or timber is not to be cut without approval of the Camp Ranger.  Use camp toilets and latrines properly; do not dispose of garbage, cans, wash water, etc. in these facilities.

Firearms and Archery Equipment - Firearms and archery equipment are available at camp for unit activities.  Personal firearms and archery equipment are allowed only with prior approval of the Camp Ranger, and must be checked in upon arrival.  No ammunition of any kind may be brought to camp.

Ranges - The rifle, BB gun, shotgun, and archery ranges are available to your unit.  If you wish to use them, make arrangements with the Campmaster.  An NRA certified instructor is required to run a rifle or shotgun range.  A state or Council certified instructor is required to run the BB gun and archery ranges.  And a Council certified instructor is required to run the sling shot range.  If you donít have qualified instructors, we may be able to provide them with advance notice.  Written parental permission is required to use firearms, including BB guns.

Beaches - You are welcome and encouraged to use the waterfront facilities at camp.  The Safe Swim Defense Plan and Safety Afloat Plan must be followed.

Pets - Pets are not allowed in camp.

Alcohol and Unlawful Drugs - Are not allowed in camp.


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