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Stearns Scout Camp - Northern Star BSA

 Stearns Alumni 2009 Alumni Dinner
Stearns Alumni 2009 Winter Reunion
Stearns Alumni 2010 Alumni Dinner
Stearns Alumni 2010 Staff Week
Stearns Alumni 2010 Winter Reunion
Stearns Alumni 2011 Alumni Dinner
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Camp History:
 Aaron Nicklay
Andy Wangstad
Brent Dalzell
Camp Dedication
Mustang District 1972 Dutch Ovens
History of Camp Stearns
John Crane
Steve Stobbs
The Lost Boy Scouts
Webelos Camp

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 Cub Resident Camp

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 Webelos Camp:
  Heritage 4th Grade Webelos Camp
Whitewater 5th Grade Webelos Camp
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Webelos Resident Camp

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